HOT DESKS available at ENRICH in the USA East Coast Centre

1. What is it about?

ENRICH in the USA is supporting the exploration phases and set-up of promising EU researchers and deep-tech / deep-science entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs in the #1 startup and innovation ecosystem in the world located in the Boston ecosystem.

For this purpose, ENRICH in the USA is offering access to a collaborative workspace founded on the principle that people work better together with other like-minded people, and when immersed in this unique Boston ecosystem.

You can apply to our service via submitting your application




2. What do we offer?

Hot desks available for one person for up to a two-week period in Boston downtown at the ENRICH in the USA East Coast Centre.


ENRICH in the USA East Coast Centre
Hosted by the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA)
c/o Cambridge Innovation Center,
50 Milk St., 16th floor, Boston MA 02109



A total of 15 will be funded over the 3 year grant period. The funding covers the cost of the desk and support but does not cover additional costs such as travel and accommodation expenses.

If the ENRICH in the USA spaces are not available at the requested/needed periods, ENRICH in the USA Centre will help find great coworking spaces either at the Cambridge Innovation Center at other locations in the greater Boston area (certified ENRICH in the USA Ambassadors). The costs will not be covered this time by ENRICH in the USA.


3. What’s in it for you?

Coworking a social gathering of a group of people who while working independently, share values and are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with other people who value working in the same place alongside each other.

Our ENRICH in the USA coworking offer brings a solution to the problem of isolation that many foreign entrepreneurs and startup owners experience when traveling and working independently at airport’s and hotels’ business centres or at a small part time office in an executive suite.

Moreover, our local ENRICH in the USA team is here to support the entrepreneur (or future entrepreneur) responding in real time to his/her operation, logistics, networking and strategic thinking needs.


4. Who are we looking for?

We invite you to apply if you are:

  • Tech Industry focused, such as Biotech, Cleantech, Nanotech, or Aeronautic/Aerospace;
  • Or in a more traditional industry being transformed/disrupted by ICT convergence, such as Smart Home, Smart City, Smart manufacturing, e-Health, Ag-tech, Food-tech, Autonomous Vehicles, Applications with Drones or VR/AR/360/Simulation, Security applications, Blockchain applications, etc.


  • It is preferred that you attended at least one of ENRICH in the USA events (Innovation Tours, Business Acceleration Programs, trainings, workshops…);
  • You are able to communicate (read and speak) in English.
  • We will also ask you for up to 3 letters of recommendation (by local partner organizations including government agencies and research and innovation entities, e.g. universities)

Other eligibility criteria:

  • You must be a tax payer in an EU MS/AC AND/OR be an EU MS/AC passport holder;
  • If incorporated, you must pay taxes in an EU MS/AC AND/OR have as the majority of shareholders EU MS/AC passport holders;


5. Our Partners

ENRICH in the USA is organizing this service in partnership with the local European-American business community, bi-national chambers, coworking offices, soft-landing incubators, and equity-based accelerators, and with the support of state and local governments.


6. Dates and Timeline

Open permanent call application deadline; 30 days before the targeted quarter.



For questions regarding the Workspace, please contact:


Contact Details

Jack Henkel